At WWDC 2019, alongside SwiftUI, Apple released a new framework called Combine. While the API is completely different, it seems conceptually quite close to what the core of provides: streams of events, with backpressure support and transformations.

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Looks like more and more people are looking into µExpress in search for a small, approachable and Express like, SwiftNIO API. Yet µExpress was “just” intended as a tutorial on how to create a tiny web framework on top of NIO, not as a standalone library. Should we do 𝓶Express?

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Just a small update on the state of in 2018. What we might be able to do. Or not. And other things of interest.

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Noze 0.5.0 - Swift 3 only

Good news everyone! We can finally make a release which leaves Swift 2 behind and works with a Swift 3 on both, macOS and tuxOS. We call that release: 0.5.0.

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Cows. Lots of cows!

I’m proud to announce the most amazing and magical release yet: 0.2.10 Cows. With a lot of hard work (and a sweating Swift3 compiler) we managed to include over 400 very nice cows into the framework.

June 27, 2016 Read More 0.2.5

Last week we announced our first public v0.2.x branch, codename “Less than Prefect”, accompanied by the 0.2.3 release. This week we pushed a 0.2.5 release.

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