Noze 0.5.2 - Swift 3.0.1 GMc

We are happy to announce a minor release: 0.5.2, codenamed ‘Basic Nozes with an End’.

The primary news is that Swift 3.0.1 GMc is out for tuxOS and seems to fix the issues we had before (SR-2656, SR-2907). Grab it on

Basic Auth

There is a new basic basic-auth module designed with jshttp/basic-auth in mind. Just basics, stay tuned for more. Example usage:

 http.createServer { req, res in
   guard let credentials = try? basicAuth.auth(req: req),
    == "John", 
             credentials.pass == "Doe"
     else {
       res.statusCode = 401
                     "Basic realm=\"Cows Heaven\"")
       return res.end()
   res.end("Welcome to the forbidden zone!")


By popular request you can now directly Swift throw errors in Promise closures:

  .then {
    throw HahaNotReallyDoingItError()
  .error { err in
    print("got error \(err)")

Such are captured as regular Promise errors.

Changes in 0.5.2 (from 0.5.0)

  • use 3.0.1 GMc on Linux which fixes SR-2907
  • core module:
    • support Swift throw in Promise closures
  • streams module:
    • fix: emit a readable event (w/ no data) prior emitting end
  • process module: renamed environ to env to match Node
  • new modules:
    • basicAuth module


In case you haven’t yet, be sure to read those dox:

To understand what is about reading the Node Stream Handbook is recommended.

Getting the stuff

Well, as usual, head over to GitHub and checkout the master branch or fetch the 0.5.2 tag. Happy Basic Nozing with an End!


Written on October 28, 2016