Evented I/O streams for Swift (yeah, a Node.js port).

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import net

net.createServer { sock in
  sock.write("Welcome to Noze.io!\r\n")
  sock | sock


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Supported Swift Versions

OS Swift Branch GCD Xcode / Swift Make SPM
macOS 3.2/4.0 master builtin Xcode 9 👍🏻 👍
tuxOS 3.2/4.0 master builtin   👍🏻 👍
macOS 3.0.1 master builtin Xcode 8 👍🏻 👍
tuxOS 3.0.1 master builtin Swift 3.0.1 👍🏻 👍
macOS 3.0.0 master builtin Xcode 8 👍🏻 👍
tuxOS 3.0.0 - builtin   👎🏻 👎
macOS 2.3 swift23 builtin Xcode 8 👍🏻 👎
tuxOS 2.2.1 swift23 snapshot   👍🏻 👎

Noze.io has switched over to use Swift 3.0.1. A Swift 2.x branch is still available to support the lots of existing production deployments.


  • Not for production. Consider the version numbers.

  • We chose the traditional Swift approach: Make something barely usable, though demoable, and release it with a 3.0 version tag. Then hope that the community kicks in and fills open spots.

  • It already has leftpad.

  • Implements primarily the happy path. Errors will error. Presumably this will improve over time.

  • A huge strength of Node is the npm package environment and the myriads of packages available for it. Or wait, is it? Well, at least we have leftpad included. And we hope that the Swift package environment is going to grow as well.

  • There are tons of open ends in Noze.io. We welcome contributions of all kinds. Grep the code for FIXME and TODO.

Want to help?

Nice, we need lotz of help. Ideas:

  • There are tons of Node tutorials, redo such for Noze.io. Or well, first check whether they work in Noze.io in the first place and what is missing!
  • There are a lot of node modules, many are really easy to implement. Same for core Node API, we still miss a lot of that.
  • Tests & Examples
  • Do some benchmarking with Apache Bench
  • Packages, brew and apt
  • Need Raspi installation instructions


Noze.io is brought to you by The Always Right Institute and ZeeZide. We wouldn’t be sad if more people would like to join the effort :-)